What makes your life meaningful?

Real meaning.
The stuff at the core of your being.

Is there enough of it?

My name is John Graham and I've sought the meaning of my own life in many places where it wasn't. I'm no guru and no saint. I'm an author, adventurer, former diplomat and citizen activist. I finally found the meaning I sought in service — in helping solve significant public problems, in making life better for other people.

Making and implementing this discovery has been, and is, enormously satisfying. It's also been the adventure of my life.

At age 71, I've found that my experience and insights can help others clarify their own paths, create compelling visions for walking them, and sharpen any tools they may need.

Explore the options on this site. Some may apply to you. Most of them are free; at this stage of my life, I'm more interested in service than selling.

Let me make my motives clear. Our world needs all the courageous, compassionate, and capable problem-solvers it can get. If you're not already on the front lines — whether in your own community or farther afield — I want you there.

That service also enriches your life — well, that's the payback for the time, effort and risks.

"What's important in your life
is not the risks you take

It's what you take them for."

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John Graham has lived his whole life on the edge. As a young man he went to sea, climbed big, dangerous mountains and hitchhiked around the world. In the U.S. Foreign Service, he was in the middle of the first Revolution in Libya, the war in Vietnam and NATO's planning for nuclear war.

Hooked on adrenaline, nothing mattered to him but the next fix. Then, facing death in a lifeboat in a typhoon in the North Pacific, that all changed.

For the last three decades, he's been a leader of the Giraffe Heroes Project, moving people to stick their necks out for the common good, and giving them tools to succeed.